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Our stream restoration fund has a name

It will henceforth be called "The Roy Ward Fund".

We salute Roy Ward

Roy Ward is now an honorary member of our club. This was awarded at a small gathering on the 9th August. Roy has been the editor of "The Creel" (14yrs!) and a stalwart of the #BRU project...


Pub evening calendar shift

By popular demand, and after much deliberation, our regular pub evening is being moved from 1 May 2017 to the LAST Monday of every month (instead of the 4th Monday).  We hope this makes it eas...

Past events

On 20th June 2017, we held a joint event with the fly tying and Durban clubs in Hillcrest in which visiting anglers Moreno Borriero and Marc Petitjean educated and entertained us.  Moreno with...